Saturday, August 8, 2015

Screen Test

Here's a teaser for something that I will be announcing in the near future. I am in the process of finalizing a new position for a fabric company where I will be the visible "face" representing and developing the brand. So here are some personal screen tests that I have done. In no way do these represent the company I am going to be promoting. Rather these are me getting comfortable in front of the camera. Can you relate to being photographed and not feeling like the camera shows your true self?

Me and my tentacle

Why oh why do I do these things...?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Leaving Pittsburgh Be-Heinz Me

On Amtrak train 42 bound for Newark Penn Station.
Leaving Pittsburgh be-Heinz me...

Monday, August 3, 2015

Frank Lloyd Wright - Fallingwater

Frank Lloyd Wright's Iconic House
Bear Run, Pennsylvania

On the way: Lunch

The House
Unfortunately photography was not allowed in the house or on the terraces so images are very limited to what I was allowed to document. Don't think that I wasn't very unhappy!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Posting from Pittsburgh

Sunday, August 02, 2105
Two destinations, including lunch
Approximate out-and-about time: 7.5 hours

Destination 1: The Strip

Although the mural on the side of the building was painted, the black birds were raised off for a 3-dimensional effect

Yes, these are real!

A moo-sical cow

No comment necessary!

Parts is Parts...
A distant relative of Darth Maul?

Oddly disturbing: animatronic pigs and a chicken, in the meat section of the store, singing Mary Had a Little Lamb....

Rachael the Pig

Lunch: Spaghetti Warehouse

Destination 2: Heinz History Center

Fake beaver skin that I couldn't resist leaving my mark on

Luckily we now know better!

Zipper invented in Pittsburgh - who knew? Not I

Didn't see this one in JURASSIC WORLD

Available only in the UK