Sunday, August 2, 2015

Posting from Pittsburgh

Sunday, August 02, 2105
Two destinations, including lunch
Approximate out-and-about time: 7.5 hours

Destination 1: The Strip

Although the mural on the side of the building was painted, the black birds were raised off for a 3-dimensional effect

Yes, these are real!

A moo-sical cow

No comment necessary!

Parts is Parts...
A distant relative of Darth Maul?

Oddly disturbing: animatronic pigs and a chicken, in the meat section of the store, singing Mary Had a Little Lamb....

Rachael the Pig

Lunch: Spaghetti Warehouse

Destination 2: Heinz History Center

Fake beaver skin that I couldn't resist leaving my mark on

Luckily we now know better!

Zipper invented in Pittsburgh - who knew? Not I

Didn't see this one in JURASSIC WORLD

Available only in the UK

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