Saturday, May 25, 2013

And Then There Was #5

Our fifth MBD Enthusiast blogger is 
Dory Smith Graham 
from Bar Harbor. ME

What do I say of Dory that Dory hasn't already admitted herself?

"When it comes to fabric, I’m a bit of a collector. And like most things I have an unreasonable attachment to, ie candy, I find it necessary to have it in comforting amounts. The odd thing is, I don’t always use the stash. But that’s not to say I don’t need it.

Introducing my shimmer dot fabric. You might have come across it in my worthygoods musings. I’ve been amassing this lovely rainbow since coming across 4 bolts of it in our local surplus and salvage store. That was in 2007. I had to have it all. Why? I wasn’t sure, but I did know that it was brilliant. And so. me. My shimmery-bolted rainbow is seriously inspiring. I’m arranging, re-arranging. They manage to put a little tuning fork into the color part of my brain, focusing the tone of whatever I’m working on.

double stack

I know, right? In lieu of ‘needing’ this fabric for my then brand-spanking-new shop, I was swiftly buying it up. 8 bolts here, 4 here, 2 here… But just as I opened an account with the manufacturer, it was discontinued. *gasp* Needless to say, I’ve been scouring the internets since. Looking for yardage here and there, for a ‘new’ color I don’t have or one I’m out of, having sewn up into hats or slings."
Dory's been the most elusive of the participants yet is obviously deeply invested in her love of the brightly shimmery and playful fabric called Mirror Ball Dot.

what am I missing...

Funny thing? I’m not the only one. Some one else is desperately searching for more, too. Only she’s gone one step further and actually contacted the designer to inquire about any yardage he might have left to sell. For reals, folks. This is some compelling fiber."

She also has a so contact her to pin your wonderful creations and become part of the world of Mirror Ball Dot!

So here's Dory of Worthygoods Textile...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Apologies; Peacock on my Roof; Yum!

Apologies for not being able to post the tutorial for the Clutch Me Purse as quickly as I had anticipated. I am preparing for my dad and sister to arrive tomorrow and I have been furiously cleaning and preparing for their arrival. And I doubt that I'll have time during their 2 week stay to post the instructions as I have vowed to also take some much needed time off to look anew-revisit-experience the wonderful place where I live. If you are ABSOLUTELY chomping at the bit to get started on a purse, the instructions have been attached as link on my Designer Inspiration page on the Michael Miller Fabrics website.

Simply click here: CLUTCH ME

Peacock on my Roof: a peacock wandered on the property where I live. My landlord, Kristina, and her little boy Gray, came out of their house in pursuit of taking some photos. I suppose in an effort to elude his paparazzi, the peacock flew onto the roof of my cottage. Priceless.

Shrimp Salad in a Sour Cream-Mayo Dressing with Green Onions, Celery and Dill 
on a Mana Foods Croissant; Black Sesame Seeds. 
Local Cucumber and Tomato. Wakami (Seaweed) Salad.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Week #4: Elisa Albury

Elisa and I met as I had most all of the bloggers on the hop - via the internet. I found her and was enamored with her quilt "Charlie's Wobot" (Lucky Charlie!) But, due to some fumbling while typing on my part, we had a bit of fun getting to know one another.

 I kept wanting to (and did) change the "l" in her in her last name to an "s". At one point I suggested that she should just change her last name to please me - that would easily solve the dilemma ;)

So Elisa constantly yet gently brought the misspelling to my attention (Again with the elisa Asbury. Tsk tsk. ALbury) and I would have to continually apologize. In my defense I believe it's innate in me - can you imagine after all these years the variations on Hordyszynski I have gotten? Like playing scrabble!

Then we had a bit of fun with her first name - "I'm assuming your name is pronounced like in My Fair Lady - or (E) Liza with a Z..."

Her reply: "Funny you should say mom says I was named after Eliza in My Fair Lady. So, hence, the E is soft like in Elizabeth (with the sound of A or "Uh" rather than "ee"). Although they pronounce it (Ey-lisa). .

So, I have it right now... 

Mirror Ball Blog Hop Blogger #4
Elisa Asbury Albury
Salt Lake City, Utah

May 19:   Elisa Albury -

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BEADWORK by... ME! Quilt Market Debut Preview

A while back I published a post previewing my BEADWORK collection that is to debut at the Spring International Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon. Well that happens this week. You can read that post here: I'm So Excited!

Following are thumbnail images of the full collection shown in their color stories, and preceding those, are quilts and handbags that were designed using the collection.

First is probably the most brilliant quilt design I have ever encountered. It is constructed using ONLY 14 seams! Designed by my dear friend, mentor and cohort, Marinda Stewart, she said that she wanted to pay tribute to the fabric itself, showcasing the fact that I had spent almost 2 weeks and 5500 carefully placed beads by hand (in Photoshop) to create the focal print (center vertical band). The strips are fussy cut so they line up perfectly and are in a specific color placement and rotation.
This quilt, called Beaded Mosaic, will be available as a free download 
on the Michael Miller Fabrics website.

And these are the same quilt in each of the 3 color combinations available.

This quilt, designed by the very talented artists of created what I call a mashup of the three color stories creating a beautifully intricate and perfectly balanced quilt in its chaotic blend of patterns and color. This is, as I understand, a Bargello quilt (where one sews strips of fabric together and then cuts the pieced cloth into strips and off-sets them as they are resewn together to form the quilt top).

I created these little clutch purses from an online pattern and revised it to be used with the lighter weight quilting cotton and these are super cute when lined with MMF's

In a week or two I'll post a tutorial on how to make these fun accessories. Once you get the hang of 'em, you can make one from start to finish in about 40 minutes and make sure you have extra frames on hand as they are addictive to make!

DC5782 Primitive - Multi
(Shown selvage to selvage)

DC5783 Peyote Flower - Multi

DC5784 Blanket Chevron - Multi

DC5785 Beaded Colorband - Multi

DC5786 Diamondback - Flame, Emerald, Sunshine

DC5782 Primitive - Earth

DC5783 Peyote Flower - Earth

DC5784 Blanket Chevron - Earth

DC5785 Beaded Colorband  - Earth

DC5786 Diamondback - Gray, Maize

DC5786 Diamondback - Sienna, Adobe


DC5782 Primitive - Jewel

DC5783 Peyote Flower - Jewel

DC5784 Blanket Chevron - Jewel

DC5785 Beaded Colorband - Jewel

DC5786 Diamondback - Mineral, Turquoise, Amethyst

Sunday, May 12, 2013

MBD Blogger #3 - Karen Neary

Karen is the MBD Blogger furtherest from where I have conducted this blog hop scheme. Karen hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA.

I too (like Linda) discovered Karen when I did an online search of Mirror Ball Dot and was immediately drawn to her design style. Circles and curves, spirals ending in finely executed points. Around and around we go...

Karen had me at her "Fruit Smoothy". The colors, the fact that she wasn't afraid of bias and sewing together convex and concave seams... I had found a kindred spirit (I have a menswear background and arm scythes and inseam curves, collars and necklines all intrigue and challenge me).

Karen has treated you (and me) to several projects all involving curves. 

I am in the mood to blabber on but I think I'll allow Karen her moment in the spotlight and just say, "Thanks for being a part of my little bit of madness called The MBD Blog Hop!"

And don't forget to comment to win 5 FQs of MBD and a Mirror Ball Dot color card!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Gift from the Fairfield Fairy

Far, far away in a land called FairfieldWorld, there was an online store. A fair maiden of the land, Princess Judith, bestowed a limited time coupon upon the Mirror Ball Blog Hoppers and their friends.

And this time you don't even have to kiss a frog to get a great prize! 
20% Off any order
promo code: MHFD13M 
Expiration: 7/31/13

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hawaiian Still Life

Photoshopped image of a photo I posted Wednesday. 

The Maui County Fair has a photo contest and altered images is one category. Do you think this is worthy of being submitted? I posted it in the original size. I know it runs into the sidebar but I wanted you to see the detail. Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. M

Saturday, May 4, 2013

MBD Blog Hop Week #2

Linda Solovic
Mirror Ball Dot Enthusiast #2
from St. Louis, Missouri

About a year ago I "found" Linda when I did a Google search of Mirror Ball Dot.
She obviously was already a dedicated enthusiast since she had discovered MBD when it was initially released. I was very taken by her use of the product, in conjunction with her original designs for needlework and embellishment.

For me, Linda has a very appealing style: evoking a modern interpretation by using a minimalist approach and a graphic sensibility with an almost childlike simplicity. Her work is fun, fresh and will definitely inspire creativity and hopefully introduce you to a new way of using Mirror Ball Dot, Cotton Couture and fabric in general.

I also like Linda's choice of colors. They are a harmonious palette that is calming, soothing and easily understandable. I wish I could do a spoiler teaser but that would be unfair.

So without further ado (and taunting you unfairly) I present the link to 

Psst! If you check today she just might give you a peek at what's she's going to do! Do I know something? Maybe. ;)

And don't forget to check out Jamie Muller's blog to find out who is the lucky recipient for her random drawing of the Mirror Ball Dot color card and and 5 Fat Quarters of MBD fabric in the winner's choice of colors.