Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post Houston Quilt Market Post

The show, for those who attended, ended yesterday but for many who flew into Houston last week, the journey home is going to be a long and arduous one. I wish everyone safe travels and friends and family awaiting them at their journey's end.

I did not attend quilt market at all this year yet I was glued to the computer scouring the Internet for photos of the Michael Miller Fabrics booth, happenings of what ended up being - thankfully - an uneventful tsunami warning on Saturday evening, and of course the talk of the decade - Sandy the Frankenstorm.

I obtained a couple of pictures of two of the many quilts that were displayed in the MMF booth - and these two, along wth several others either used Mirror Ball Dot exclusively in the quilt, as a focus print or as a unique blender to add some pizzazz.

So, without further ado…
The quilt above and close-up image below are from Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies website. She's a quilter and designer, and licensee for Michael Miller Fabrics. As you can see Emily uses the Mirror Ball Dot as her "focus print" and I would guarantee that the solid white background fabric is Cotton Couture from Michael Miller Fabrics.

Mirror Ball Dot Color Play uses Mirror Ball Dot exclusively in this quilt and is made of fat quarters of MBD with the exception of the white, which uses 1-1/4 yards. It's a free download on the Michael Miller Fabrics site or by clicking the link.

Designed, pieced and quilted by Marinda Stewart.

Psst... a little secret - Marinda is responsible for many of the quilts shown and promoted by Michael Miller Fabrics. She is an incredible talent and nurturing mentor and really great friend!!!! Check out her book Punch Needle: The Complete Guide at Amazon, and oh, BTW, she's currently penning the companion book

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maui Ocean Center - I'm In!

The children's reversible, pre-washed bucket hats that I have been producing for the last year have not taken the world by storm but I have placed them in some very fine shops and boutiques on 3 islands: Trudy's Island Arts in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, The Growing Keiki on the North Short of Oahu, and Designing Wahine, Makawao and Hale Zen, Lahaina on Maui... and now I'll have a test order in the gift shop of the Maui Ocean Center.

The pattern I am using for the outside of the hats is from my latest collection TIKI-TINI LOUNGE and called Fish Tank. The hats, in 3 sizes (newborn, infant and toddler), will be lined in orange, violet and red 21-wale corduroy.

Keep our fingers crossed that they have a good sell through in the 30-day test period to be followed by a nice reorder!

Well, I'm off to cut more hats!

Children's Reversible Prewashed Bucket Hat in Fish Tank print lined in orange corduroy and sold exclusively at the Maui Ocean Center gift shop.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Waking Up - October 02

Ride the waves, is basically what one has to do.

There are weeks that just end up busy and manic, evaporating into the air before I can recall the events of the week, and then lulls in between where there just is not enough to do. That's when I take advantage of the opportunity at hand and I then jump into finishing up as many uncompleted projects as possible.

This morning, I'm sitting at my work table, cup of coffee close at hand, hand sewing the binding onto the flap edge of my quilted computer cases. There's a cracking of branches and the chickens two properties away go clucking out of their minds. Then crashing through the wooded area at the back of the acreage come a herd of about 8-10 deer. The photo's taken through the screen of the lanai. From quite some distance they obviously noticed me rush to grab my camera.