Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sometimes You Need to Take a Step Back... order to go forward. So that's what I'm going to do with this post. Before I show my new collection PARADISE COVE, I want to do a flashback to the International Quilt Market in Salt Lace City, Spring 2011. It was here that I previewed the HULA DOLLS collection (it would be released in August), my first for Michael Miller Fabrics after rejoining the company as a licensed designer. The reason I am doing this is to show how the Hula Dolls collection segues and flows into the Mermaids of Hana Bay group...

(Since PARADISE COVE is soon to be released, there is no link, so you'll have to be patient... I promise to post the designs as soon as I know they are ready to go live!)

You may also notice all the hats - it was then that I created the Children's Reversible Bucket Hat and started marketing the pattern under my label: 
and hence the name of my blog!

Having been on Maui for a just about two years, I was full of inspiration from my lush tropical surroundings and the rich, Hawaiian culture. I was bursting at the seams to create a group of fabrics that would speak the language of the island yet transcend the Pacific waters and be embraced by a broad and diverse audience. 

I have been credited with being sensitive to the use of varying skin tones in my characters. This was a completely subconscious channeling of the diverse melding of the peoples that inhabit  these islands which again, speaks loud and clear the diversity of our own country and of the peoples of the planet. I was simply putting on paper - and in turn fabric - that which I saw all around me...

Mark Hordyszynski for Michael Miller Fabrics
Please note: unfortunately the colors here are all a bit washed; they're more like the photo above :)  

Top to Bottom: Hula Dolls DC5018 - Graphite and Seafoam

Pacific Reef DC5016 - Sea

Island Hibiscus DC5017 - Coffee

Left to Right: Tiki Woodblock DC5012 - Isle and Wave

Surfer Stripe DC5015 - Wave

Leaf Vines DC5013 - Isle

Left to Right: Scales & Waves - Coffee and Green Tea

Left to Right: Scales & Waves - Sea and Wave

HULA DOLLS Embroideries by The Needlework Factory
(Available April)

The figure above has a skirt made of Angelina Fibers and the one below out of natural raffia. Imagine how cute these would be paired with the coordinating fabrics in a quilt or better yet, in little girls' clothing!

(Sue, the creator of the embroideries, said that working with both fibers was very challenging and time consuming, so these examples are for inspiration only. The skirt can be stitched out, or done as an applique with a fabric of your choice... I'll be sure to post pics of new samples as soon as I get a sample sewn out... but they are so darn cute I couldn't resist showing them!) 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marky, Marky... Don't be snarky...

How does your garden grow?

Have you ever seen a pineapple? -- well of course you have... But have you ever seen one grow? We have a few pineapple plants on the property, and they have started fruiting... so I have decided to take a photo of the development of the pineapple, once a week, and share the progress with you. In my opinion, it's absolutely fascinating...

In all honesty, this looks like something from an ALIEN movie, that's going to thrust out on a long, appendage-like stalk and bite you with all of its sharp, needle-like teeth.

But it's only an immature pineapple...

I am working on my next group of fabric, but it's too soon to even let you in on what it is... but I'll let you know it's something I'm having a lot of fun working on, involves developing "characters", and it is geared to the 'Tween and Teen markets... As soon as I get the approval to send the designs to print, I promise to share some imagery!

In addition, I have decided to do my gourmet cooking on the weekends, so I'll have some culinary creations to share as a regular part of my Sunday post. Following are a few dishes I recently concocted...

Grilled Line Caught Wild Hawai'ian Blue Marlin
Big Island Ohi'a Lehua Blossom Honey-Oyster Sauce Glaze
Freshly Squeezed Meyer Lemon Juice, Blood Orange Oil

Grilled Apple Bananas

Panko Crusted Colossal Shrimp with Habanero Coconut Sauce

Whole Wheat Spaghetti Tossed in Deconstructed Guacamole
(Backyard Avocado, Hamakua Cherry Tomato, Maui Onion)

Toasted Nana's Dried Bananas and Banana Chip Finger-Banana Bread
Fresh Kula Raspberries
Minted Sesame-Miso Butterscotch Sauce

Hibachi Boneless Pork Ribs Glazed with House-made Chinese BBQ Sauce

Sprouted Brown Rice-Red Winter Wheat Berry "Fried Rice"
(Oven Dried Tofu, Kula Carrots, Maui Onions, Sweet Petit Peas, White Corn)

Grilled Apple Bananas

Baked Organic Free-Range Chicken Breast
Stuffed with Spinach, Maui Onions, Surfing Goat Dairy Chevre,
Shiitake Mushrooms and Panko Bread Crumbs

Low-Sodium Au Jus

Steamed Sushi Rice with Dehydrated Garden Vegetables

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dark Shadows 2012 - Update

Here's another photo I found on the Internet, credit unknown.

Barnabas, the vampire (Johnny Depp) facing off with Angelique (Eva Green) the witch who cursed him to be a vampire, after he rejected her love for him.

Women can be ____....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Water Babies

Sea Lions, and Turtles, and Whales (and Dolphins...) Oh, My!

One of my best selling prints, the baby sea turtle (or honu in Hawai'an) Surf's Up!, was reintroduced by Michael Miller Fabrics a couple of years ago as a part of their 10th year Anniversary celebration. It's still going strong, and we decided to make a group of it by adding a few more designs in an aquatic and endangered species theme. The latest addition to the seal pups, sea turtles, and humpback whales is Dolphin Babies. This is a sneak peak of this print and it will start to be shown by the Michael Miller sales reps the beginning of next month. I hope you like Dolphin Babies as much as I do! 

Seal Pups (DC5001-Ocean)

Surf's Up! (DC2019-Aqua)

A Whale of a Tale (DC4958-Ocean)

Dolphin Babies (DC5449-Seafoam)

In addition, a dolphin, seal pup and sea turtle figure is available as a machine embroidery through The Needlework Factory. The three images, along with a penguin, iguana, walrus and harp seal are all on the WATER BABIES disc. They will also be available as an individual download. Please check back SOON!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photos of a Week Around Maui with Sis 2/09-2/16

Here are photos from different locations around the Island as I ran about with my Sistah during her week of vacation...

LEFT: Red Liliko'i or Passionfruit Flower                   
RIGHT: I Don't know what it is, but it looks like Audrey 2 from LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS

LEFT: Bell-shaped flowers from a wild succulent     
RIGHT: As I was told, the rock formation is of a fallen man who lived on the hillside and
           was overtaken by a lava flow when the volcano exploded. It is tradition to leave a
           little gift: I a red hibiscus flower and Dana a Chiclet

Orange lichen on a tree trunk - great design inspiration!

Two wooden figures that greet you at the 'Ulupalakua Ranch Store

This applies to all of you cowgirls as well!

Ahead: A grove of eucalyptus trees lining the road leaving 'Ulupalakua

More design reference - do you see the butterflies as I do?

A herd of pipi, and white egrets that hang around to forage for bugs that are flushed out as the cattle graze

Kahului bay, the airport (red roofs; left), runway and tower taken from Upcountry Maui

Upcountry Maui

The wind farm on the spine of the West Maui mountains as taken from across Maalaea bay
The new turbines being built

Ghost crab
Getting rid of wet sand from the burrow during the excavation process

With a little help from Photoshop these might make incredible stripes in a future collection!

Dana with Boo-Boo Face
Standing in the security check line for the return flight to Newark, NJ

Last but not least: my office mate... I don't know how he got in but he's too quick for me to catch and must be happy because he's been around for months!