Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blast Off! and Jeepers Creepers

Here's a look at my two newest collections for Blank Quilting: Blast Off! and Jeepers Creepers, and a nice surprise...

This is Blast Off! and is available on quilting cotton and flannel.

Blast Off!

The Final Frontier

Mission Control

Galaxy Quest

Ray Gun Stripe

The Milky Way

Here's a quilt designed by fellow Blank designer Heidi Pridemore using all of the above plus additional fabric from her own collection. The pattern is a free download on the Blank Quilting website!

This is Jeepers Creepers. It is a reprinting of one of my first fabric collection about 8 years ago. Aside from being a fun and whimsical group, the motifs Glow-in-the-dark!


Eye of Newt

Candy Corn

Here's the quilt for this collection, once again designed by Heidi Pridemore. I think she's an incredibly talented lady! Thanks, Heidi!

Another great thing regarding Jeepers Creepers is that I recently signed a licensing contract with The Needlework Factory and the motifs -- skeletons, eyes, webs, and candy corn are being digitized for machine embroideries, so these images will be available to coincide with the arrival of the fabric. Here's a sneak peak at one of them (NOTE: these are only for reference and do not represent the quality of the actual embroidery.)

Sue, from The Needlework Factory, and I are working on many more of my designs to be interpreted into embroideries. Stay tuned to see how things progress!!


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