Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tomatoes no more...

And the raven replied, "Tomatoes no more, no more."

Well, the red cardinals replied that at least.  Yesterday, it was overcast and drizzling intermittently throughout the day. I heard lot of chattering outside in the front of the house.  This is where I park my car and have my container garden.

Peering through the screened portion of the window in the front door, I spy a bright red daddy cardinal with his ohana (family) hanging onto the branches of the tomato plants biting off the ripened tomatoes. Now mind you these tomatoes are small; the cardinal had one in his mouth, whole as snatched it from the vine. At this point there were no ripe or even those showing the slightest blush of ripe, so I just shooed them off.

Alas poor Tomatoes, I knew them not well... I'm looking to recipes for green tomatoes - thinking about pickling them.

Sunrise, this time of year. I can see this from my bed as my headboard faces this window in the opposite wall across the room. I was actually already up when I snapped this photo.

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