Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Waking Up - October 02

Ride the waves, is basically what one has to do.

There are weeks that just end up busy and manic, evaporating into the air before I can recall the events of the week, and then lulls in between where there just is not enough to do. That's when I take advantage of the opportunity at hand and I then jump into finishing up as many uncompleted projects as possible.

This morning, I'm sitting at my work table, cup of coffee close at hand, hand sewing the binding onto the flap edge of my quilted computer cases. There's a cracking of branches and the chickens two properties away go clucking out of their minds. Then crashing through the wooded area at the back of the acreage come a herd of about 8-10 deer. The photo's taken through the screen of the lanai. From quite some distance they obviously noticed me rush to grab my camera.

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