Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mr. Crumb's Saturday in the City

Yesterday my sister and I took a bus into the city for a day of looking at some of the festively decorated sites and to meet a friend for lunch. Here are some of the photographs I snapped while meandering through the streets of Manhattan. 

We also brought a friend - Mr. Crumb - the little gingerbread man made from my Gingerbread fabric, a coordinate in the Gingerbreadtown collection. 

Outside the MOMA entrance

The marquis for the home of the Rockettes

Alongside one of the entry barriers

Twinkly lights on the trees lining the walkway along the skating rink at Rockefeller Center

A star ornament encrusted with Swarovski crystals

Lights on the tree at Rockefeller Center

Silver and gold lame flags fluttering in the breeze (it was getting windy and colder but it hadn't started to snow yet)

Mr. Crumb in front of the tree

The tree at Rockefeller Center

Candles in the entry of St. Patrick's Cathedral

Christmas wreaths were on every pillar

Incredibly ornate stonework in one of the many niches

A stained glass window depicting the Nativity

A magnificently adorned tree in the cathedral

Windows at Sachs 5th Avenue

Snow globes on shelves that rotated to shake up the frosty scenes inside

Books that opened and closed to reveal the pop-up snowflakes inside

Video screens that appeared to be animated chalkboard drawings

Laptop computers ever shifting kaleidoscopic snowflake patterns

An MTA public service reminder that made Mr. Crumb very sad

Mr. Crumb on the uptown F train platform at West 4th street. That's the stop I would use when I lived in NYC

Crisp, brightly-colored apples at the Union Square Market

An assortment of specialty potatoes. The ones on the far right are called
 Rose Finn potatoes. We bought some to try for NYE.

Snow coming down as seen through the window at the B&N on 17th Street

Cadiz shell lights at Elmo - for me are very nostalgic

Mr. Crumb with his take-home from Elmo

Christmas lights showing through the newly fallen snow upon our return to New Jersey


  1. Nice! Thank you for that sweet tour. Mr. Crumb is a handsome tour guide.