Sunday, January 13, 2013

A-Lo-Ha 2013!

I know I snuck in a few posts prior to this one, but I just want to extend a Happy New Year to all, filled with beauty, originality, uniqueness, creativity, inspiration, health, happiness and everything good!

The day before I left to return to Maui, we had a small gathering of friends at my parents' house. I decided it would be fun to have an interactive dinner - not one where I cook and we all sit down to eat. Rather the guests participate in creating their own contribution to the meal.

So I decided to have a sushi rolling party.

I prepared all the fillings and the rice, and in turn each guest made their own sushi roll. I'll leave it at that, and allow the photos to tell the rest of the story.

The Menu listing the choices for the sushi fillings.
I used a combo of traditional and nontraditional ingredients

Here my sister Dana and our niece Emma making Peep sushi: Pink peeps with their heads cut off (there is a reason for this which the explanation eludes me at this moment) rolled in Rice Crispy treats and a red (cherry? strawberry? raspberry? snozberry?) fruit leather wrapper

Emmas was the first to roll sushi. I taught her what to do and then stepped aside as she now became the sushi master. Here she is showing the roll my best friend Danette created

Emma's mom Carmen was next, and this shot only shows her hands, but I liked it since it showed the ingredients all laid out on the table

My sister Dana doesn't do seaweed, so she did a reverse rice only roll

Here's my dad doing his roll. We watched several YouTube videos on rolling sushi and he was a pro! His fillings included egg sheet (omelette), cucumber, crab stick, shrimp, carrots and wakami (seaweed) salad 

Here I am

Giving the roll a good, tight squeeze

Getting a helping hand from Danette

My roll containing fresh mozzarella, mango, roasted red pepper amongst other things

All the rolls laid out on the serving board. Some have been finished with a spicy mayo, and here I and squeezing Honey-Coffee-Teriyaki Sauce to decorate the "plate". Frizzled red onions and toasted mac nuts were also added as garnish to the presentation

A final shot of the sushi before we jumped in and enjoyed the fruits of our labors!

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