Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Preview: Art of Trash Maui - Trashion Show Outfits


Plastic mesh bulk onion bags
Assorted color and size plastic bottle caps
Plastic packaging
Styrofoam sheet packing material

Plied plastic mesh onion bags wide brim hat

Flowers for hat made of plastic bottle caps and plastic lime juice container

Waistband made of knitted strips of Styrofoam packing sheet and plastic packaging, top and skirt of Styrofoam packing sheet 


Up-cycled reusable shopping bags
Aluminum soda can tabs
Plastic bulk packaging (Bounty paper towels)
Computer hard drive circuitry

Shorts of reusable shopping bags, knit skull cap of stripped bulk plastic packaging, chain of soda can tabs and computer circuitry


  1. Amazing you are incredibly talented, they would be insane for you not to win

  2. Thanks sweetie but it's not a competition... just an invitation only event to promote the up-cycling of trash.