Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together...

Just to have a laugh, or sew along.

Seams we just got started, and before you know it,

Comes the time we have to say, "Sew long."

My revision of the theme song of one of the greatest leading ladies of comedy
- Carol Burnett.

So they say all good things must come to an end. But the end, if taken from the opposite spectrum, is a totally new beginning.

We've seen the talents of 6 incredible devotees of something as simple as a piece of fabric. Yet these enthusiasts have embraced a piece of fabric with creative fervor, design genius and incredible enthusiasm as to raise it to a new level of consciousness.

I never knew the power I had in my hand with a pencil and a piece of paper. Sometimes I think I should be doing something else with my life to create a better good, a betterment of society, to help the world be a better place. And yet, when I see the joy and excitement I have created with a single design on fabric - a repetitive dot, I know I am exactly where I need to be. A piece of fabric has brought wonderful people into my life, has rallied disconnected individuals for a common cause, and has allowed kindred spirits to connect. And I hope, we have inspired you, the reader, in the process.

I thank whatever being or entity that has allowed me to be the creative spirit that I am and I thank all of you, devoted fans and newbies alike for showing me my worth.

I had originally planned on singling out one of the 6 MBD Enthusiasts that participated in the blog hop to be a shining star. But once the hop started to get under way, I knew that would be unjustly unfair. Each and every one of these wonderful people committed themselves to my crazy scheme without any monetary reward, without any question of sacrifice of their time, without any preponderance of ego, talent or competition. The support they have shown one another throughout the journey is outstanding.

Jamie Mueller gave us cute little iPhone covers and a wonderful reinterpretation of her quilt design Brick Road...

...while Linda Solovic showed us the beauty in simple shapes and forms in her stitchery and embellishment techniques.

Karen Neary ran circles around us (literally) with her Mirror Ball Quilts and 3-dimensional disco ball...

Elisa Albury's Breaking Amish interpretation of traditional Amish quilts shows us that in the right hands, a great idea or concept can be a timeless entity.

Dory Smith Graham showed us a sun hat made of torn strips of fabric for a relaxed and casual fashion statement

and Nanette Zeller seized the day - dare I say, Carp(e) Diem? - with her 3D fish.

If I had asked specifically for these incredible projects I would have never gotten them - all I asked is that the enthusiasts think outside of the realm of their comfort zone, to be boxed in by limiting the number of fabrics to be used, and to let the Mirror Ball Dot inspire creativity. This was truly a great exercise in less is more...

Unfortunately I am feeling under the weather today as I write this (a pesky and untimely malady to have to contend with - but I am generally fine) and I do not have it in me to follow up with more images of MBD projects that have been created. I'll make sure they're published in a forthcoming post and/or I will make sure that Dory has them pinned to her Pinterest Board.

Again, in my opinion, each of these incredible people are to be commended for their commitment, dedication and affection for a piece of fabric that I have called Mirror Ball Dot.

Please leave a comment and let them know how you feel. I won't pick a reader as winner this time from the comments because I have chosen to send a "Thank You" care package to each of the participants as my way of saying MAHALO! for coming together on my behalf.

Sponsors for the package include Michael Miller Fabrics, Sulky Threads of America, Fairfield Processing, and little things that I have gathered from the island of Maui.

M-I-R... Aren't you glad you stopped by?
R-O-R... Ready to create some MBD things of your own?
B-A-L-L Dot



  1. Hi, Mark: It was an honour and a privilege to be part of your Blog Hop. I was floored when you contacted me but am so pleased you did; it has allowed me to meet up with some wonderful artists (whose sites are now bookmarked and part of my regular reading!) as well as a chance to play with your fabric and design whatever I wanted, no strings or conditions attached. Although we were scattered from Hawaii to Nova Scotia and points in between, we were all connected by the thread of your very unique fabric. Thank you for a great time, and sharing your talent - I had a (M)BALL(D)! *-)

  2. Thanks Mark,
    It was fun to be part of this Blog Hop and re-connecting with you. You inspired me to work out a design issue that has been on my mind for many years. I'm looking forward to more fishy business in the future. I very much enjoyed reading the other blogs and seeing how they interpreted the challenge. You've designed a wonderful fabric.

    So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night. Thanks, to you, and all the pretty sites.

  3. Thank you Mark for including myself and all of us in this incredible blog hop! I feel so privileged to be included with this wonderful group of designers! It was so fun and challenging to be part of and I had a blast! Thank you for designing awesome fabric and letting everyone's Mirror Ball Dot flag fly high!

  4. Thanks Mark for organizing and hosting this MBD Hop. It was great fun!

  5. Thanks Mark for hosting the "hop"! I am in awe of the creativity of these gals and, of course, yourself! I will now be on the hunt for Mirror Ball Dot fabric and am adding your most enjoyable blog to my list of regular reads!!

  6. It was a great hop Mark. Such wonderful projects. Thanks for hosting. So glad to have won your giveaway and I have made a tea cosy from my MBD.