Sunday, March 16, 2014

Brite and Busy Quilt by Marinda Stewart

A number of weeks ago I published the post:Graphyx, Tangram and Disco Dot, in which I shared the four new colorations of Tangram (which was originally released in black-and-white)and Disco Dot.

Michael Miller Fabric's premiere quilt designer Marinda Stewart was given the task of choosing one pair of the color combinations to create an original quilt. She took the story of Tangram full circle (mine is I designed a quilt top for my contribution to the Mirror Ball Dot challenge which I ran last year, and then revised it to be the print design Tangram), and Marinda did the same, only in reverse, by taking the fabric design and creating a central pieced panel for her Brite and Busy Quilt.

Once again Marinda has created an OMG incredible quilt. 

The instructions will be offered as a free download on the Michael Miller Fabric's website in the near future.

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