Thursday, May 22, 2014


Brightly colored. Peppery. Flower. Edible.

I have always had a fondness for this plant. The bright summery, highly-saturated hot colors of red, orange, crimson, persimmon, burgundy and sometimes white. The cool, peppery watercress or arugula bite of the leaves - charming in salads, mixed into sweet butter with fresh lemon juice and zest, or steeped in champagne vinegar. 

Petals heaped (generously) into a measuring cup.

Mixed with the appropriate ratio of champagne vinegar.

The strained elixir in a slim, tall-neck bottle (anyone but me think this looks like the Eye of Sauron?)

Blended with softened sweet organic butter, backyard lemon juice and zest, then rolled into a small log and frozen for future use on a juicy, grilled piece of steak or fish. 

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