Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hawaiian Influence

Some fun and wonderfully simple foods for the summer 
- prepared indoors and finished on the BBQ

Kalua Pork Nachos
Slow roasted Kalua pork with Australian cheddar and Asiago cheeses before being baked on the BBQ. Below, garnished with scallion curls and chive flowers. This was served with freshly made Roasted Pineapple and Mango salsa with cilantro, mint and lime juice.

Mango-Balsamic Wings 
marinated for days and then baked to a gooey perfection!
Mango-Balsamic Marinade
For every 2 pounds of chicken: 
1 C mango nectar (I used frozen chunks from Trader Joe's, thawed, to measure 1 C)
1/3 C balsamic vinegar
2T olive oil
1-1/2 T fresh thyme, minced
S&P to taste 
If using chunks, puree in blender with remaining ingredients. If using nectar, combine all ingredients.
In my version of the recipe pictured, the wings were marinated for approximately 3 days and then cooked in a 400 degree oven (or BBQ) for 45 minutes, until the wing meat pulls easily from bone, falls apart or, they can be grilled until cooked through.

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