Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lilikoi Butter

Lilikoi, or Passion fruit blossoms. Notice the similarities and distinctive differences in the blooms. The one on the left produces the yellow skinned fruits, while the one on the right, the purple skinned ones. The flavor is basically the same with the purple skinned fruit tasting a bit more perfumy, in my opinion.

The fruits from both of these vines shown whole and cut in half.

The lilikoi scooped out of the shells into a wire mesh strainer over a measuring cup to collect the juices

Strained lilikoi juice

Organic sweet butter and local eggs

Butter melting in a pot of just boiling lilikoi juice

The butter and juice mixture with the addition of raw organic cane sugar

The mixture after adding the tempered eggs to the butter/juice/sugar

The butter poured into the individual canning jars