Thursday, April 23, 2015

Art of Trash - Trashion Show 2015

What do you do when you when your housemate asks you how your Trashion Show pieces are coming along? 

Answer, of course. 

And then what do you do when you say you're on schedule to start a concerted and focused effort to knock them out starting Sunday because I have everything worked out in my head, on paper... I have notes and clear vision.

Answer: Well, that's nice but the event is this Friday, the 10th.

No, it's the 17th. 

Doubtful look in response.

We look in a publication that I picked up the day before which covered the Art of Trash opening and Trashion Show.

Flip to the page. Scan to the bottom of the article listing the particulars...

It's the 10th... this coming Friday, about 4 days...

No panic - just refocusing and thankful that I had most everything worked out in my head, on paper, with my notes and clear vision.

Expired membership cards, gift and cash cards, rewards cards and ID cards - once recyclable but now considered trash because of the magnetic strips, holographic seals and fraud protection chips imbedded in them. But for me...

And some snipped soda can tabs, gel glue and patience...
...are linked together with the four holes I punched in the corners of each card to be able to insert the snipped soda can tab.
Card-and-tab sets now linked together to form elongated rows.
Rows of card-and-tabs.

This was the process. In the next post is the Trashion Show outfit.


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