Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting caught up in life

So, I have finally settled into life on Maui - no more daily trips to Home Depot, K-Mart, Lowes and Costco to purchase stuff for the house -- that'll continue in time. Now it's searching out an art supply store, Office Max and Ben Franklin for work related supplies... I have gotten swayed by life and neglected to post anything in over a week. Here's something to tide you over...
This is a bloom on my Kaffir lime tree. The limes are apparently very sour (I'll let you know exactly how they are when Dana and I have our first vodka and tonic with a fresh lime) but the leaves are used in many Thai dishes and the reason I bought the tree. The lime flower has a very delicate fragrance and yes, the little green orb in the center of the flower will eventually become a lime!

This is a pink plumeria on the ground of my house... 

It was early in the morning and looking out the window over the bed I saw new shell ginger in bloom. I went outside to take a few photos and found this bee on one cluster of blooms. It apparently slept there all night (it's quite cool overnight) in a state of dormancy. When the sun hit the flowers he started to stir and when I went back about an hour later... he had flown away.

You can see why this is called shell ginger as it looks like a conch shell (the pointed portion is on top).


  1. Hi do you know where I can buy a kaffir lime tree on Maui.Thanks a lot

  2. I found mine at either the Home Depot or Lowe's.