Friday, June 19, 2009

Paradise Found

My apologies for being a stranger. Time and getting the house ready for pending guests to arrive has kept me busy, not to mention I finally organized my office/studio and shall be starting the cre8ive process soon. I'll keep you advised of how my artistic sensibilities are affected by being here on Maui.

I went outside to the back (private) garden off of the office and my bedroom to get a breath of air (the winds have been BLOWING like nobody's business since yesterday) and I spotted a little visitor on the underside of the deck above. I ran to get my camera and he took cover, but couldn't elude the voyeuristic eye of my lens. I flipped the photo 90 degrees counter clockwise so it's easier to view. I only saw roaches and rats in NYC, the occasional wino and a cadaver being carted out of the building across the street (that's a whole other blog!) -- this is a true gift!

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