Friday, August 28, 2009

Did You Know A Gecko Can Poop On A Vertical Surface?

Well, I didn't until this little fella took up residence in the vanity/sink area of the master bathroom (I turned the master bedroom into my office.)

He showed up about ten days ago and I am assuming, resides somewhere in the cabinets below the sink and bathroom countertop. He appears after dusk, and disappears around dawn. It must be an ideal environment for him, since I don't believe he'd hang around if it wasn't to his little lizard liking.

But... it wasn't until yesterday that I noticed small spots on the walls near the juncture of the wall and ceiling. I'm guessing (and I am not going to pursue closer inspection) that the marks are gecko poops. Trying to catch a gecko is nearly impossible as they are quite fast and will jump off of the wall or ceiling to scurry quickly away, but they will also drop their tails in their attempt for escape (if you don't believe me, ask Dana... we've some first hand experience with this.)

I guess I am just going to have to happily commune with nature, and learn to curb my gecko!

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