Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Director's Chair - Original and Rerelease

The upstairs is what I call a great room. It has vaulted ceilings. The kitchen has walls on three sides, but they stop at 8' tall and are open to the room. There is a work and entertainment counter that runs the length of the kitchen and is separate from the kitchen itself. The side of this counter that faces the living room is used for countertop dining.

Of course the counter stools I have a mismatched. On purpose. One is wood and woven banana leaf, sturdy and very tropical looking. The second is acid green molded plastic and shiny chrome, and is very retro modern. The third is a wooden director's chair

The picture on top is the before, which came with a standard canvas seat and back, limited choice of colors -- I chose orange. The one below is the chair with the seat and back that I made from a fabric I purchased while I was back in NYC a few weeks ago.

More decorating to come...

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