Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Houston International Quilt Market 2009

So, the pressure is on. Now, as I write this blog to report the goings-on at Quilt Market, and months before in preparation of our biyearly event.

We usually arrive fresh and full of enthusiasm -- and then are put through the ringer, with the promise of a sensational looking booth and a most welcomed and well deserved meal at the end of the day.

Our mission, and we chose to accept it, is to take a blank (no pun intended) 20 foot by 30 foot space and laboriously transform it into something that actually meets AND surpasses our expectations.

For two days we work about 8 hours per day to collectively realize a vision that Diana and I have plotted for months prior to the show. Fortunately what we have created so far does not create a mutiny amongst the sales people and our fellow coworkers, and I would like to thank those of you that participated in the creation of our booth: yes, it was our vision but it could not have been done without the wonderful people that I live and breath market with for those 5 days. THANKS!!
The theme this show was a garden, and although we were not rewarded with an award for our endeavors, it brought a lot of attention to our quilts and the flower garden at the center of the booth -- all thanks to a very talented and creative team lead by designer Heidi Pridemore of The Whimsical Workshop.

My goal is to promote my fabric, and in this case I am proudly touting Rock Candy. Blank Quilting has made a huge investment in my vision and product, and supports it whole-heartedly, so much so, that this go around for the Block of the Month is a quilt designed by my dear friend Marinda Stewart. Here is a close-up of one of the blocks, and I'll post a picture of the full quilt in the near future. The quilt was well received at market and we look forward to a great success with this project!!

During market it doesn't matter who you are or what your position in the company might be, our only focus is the booth and no job is too big or small. Here is Diana Mancini, Creative Director of Blank Quilting showing off her vacuuming technique. (P.S. Diana's husband contacted me regarding this picture and said he had never seen her do this in their home!) It just goes to show you that the Gnomes must come out at night like the cobbler's elves.

This is our cute little bargain find which brought good will and cheer to us all, through the days at market.


  1. Thanks for posting Mark! LOVE the Rock Candy Quilt! Stacie Wachtel/Blank rep: IL WI MO

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures. There great

    Darlene Trued/Blank rep: MA CT NJ NY RI

  3. Thanks for the photos Mark, I loved the joke about Diana using a vacuum. Too Funny.
    Can't wait to see the new BOM as I luv applique.
    Joany Blank rep in the soggy Southeast

  4. Thanks, Mark! I'm excited to see your Rock Candy BOM -- looking forward to seeing a picture soon of the whole quilt.
    Kathi Hewitt/Blank rep: WA, OR, ID, MT

  5. Brenda Buddenhagen/ Blank Rep FL,GAOctober 13, 2009 at 7:21 PM

    Mark, Thank you so much for the photos, it is so great to see market, love the block of the month, love playing with rock candy