Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just Touching Base

I know I usually post a design related tid-bit on Wednesdays, but I have just started my new group for fall International Quilt Market. I have gotten the okay to proceed with the group, and this particular design I am working on is quite time consuming and precise.... so much so I had to check with the technicians at the mill to make sure the design was printable on fabric...

No sneak peak... yet. But in the meantime - I think I have found the World's Smallest Banana - given to me by my friends Penny and Bob from a tree on their property in Puaklani.


  1. I just found your blog, so I am a new follower. I am going to Maui next month. I was born on Oahu, and have only been to Maui once and it was for two days with my husband for a business trip. Anyway I am going with the in-laws,:P I am going to need a break away form them and was wondering where you think I should go while I am there. They are not crafty or fun, so I am going to need something fun and crafty (farmers market, swap meet, etc.) any thoughts?

  2. Friday nights are Friday Town Parties ( There is also the swap meet/farmers market in Kahului at the Maui Community College campus (near the MACC). Fabric stores: Sew Special, Fabric Mart and Singer Sewing Center all in Kahului - otherwise check out and for weekly happenings.