Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bi-Coastal - It's a Way of Life

Well, I suppose I'm not really bi-coastal. I have lived on one of the Easternmost places in the United States, being New York City, and I now reside in one of the Westernmost places in the US: Maui, Hawaii. But I've never lived on the west coast

So, how long of a trip is it from point A to point B? These days it is only accomplished with a stop on the West Coast, but in the days when I could get a direct flight from Maui OGG to Newark EWR it took about 11 hours non-stop. Now it's approximately a 5 + 5 hour plus layover time (barring any hassles, delays, annoyances, layovers, connections, etc.) And for what it is worth: I leave today and arrive tomorrow... because I am going against the sun. So I leave on Tuesday the 19th and arrive on the 20th bright and early in the morning. Dad's gotta be at the airport to meet me when I land at 7:30 AM. Don't worry... he'll eat REALLY well when I am there.

So here's the final post from Hawaii before I leave.


Green New Zealand Clams with Candied Ginger, Kula Tomatoes, Scallions, Red Pepper Flakes and Reisling; Sourdough Toasts

Yellow Summer Squash stuffed with Beans, Corn, Scallions, Goat Cheese
and Sourdough Bread Crumbs

Fillet of Opah Oven Roasted with Kula Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Scallions; Red Pepper Flakes and Black Sea Salt finish, Balsamic Vinegar

Salad of Red Romaine, Cucumbers, Garden Tomatoes and Kalamata Olives
Mini Maui Cattle Company Burger, Yellow Tomato and Lettuce
Oven Baked Steak Fries

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