Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Quick Note

Aloha All!

This is a quick note to say that I have been very, very... very distracted from blogging.

The reason: I leave to go back to New Jersey to visit my parents, do some work with the Michael Miller Fabrics NY office, to perhaps do some discount shopping at the outlet centers, and to get away from yes, what most would consider my "perfect" life in Paradise.

In a nutshell... a reorder on the hats - a REORDER in about 3 weeks... packing, cleaning, setting up the sprinkler so my plants outside do not perish in my absence, still finalizing the particulars of teaching... so if I don't post before I leave OMG! in a week, I'll be in touch soon.

Thanks for hanging in there with me... oh, and did mention I am taking a class on developing my own website? Maybe not but... the last class is tomorrow.

So as I said - I am not ignoring you -- I am just trying to do everything all at once.

And here's a few pics... I call these Kitten in Camo. I rushed out when Sebastian was lying in the fallen bamboo leaves as I thought the colors matched nicely... through the eye of the camera... maybe not but.............


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