Thursday, August 9, 2012

Post 100: Homemade Mustard

Mustard. A condiment. Some of us may not particularly like it but it is a seasoning like any other.

Mustard over ketchup, for me, any day.

I wanted to get my friend Dina some mustards as a "thank you" for seeing over my house in my absence while I was away last month but when I was considering mustard varieties, I decided a better gift was making mustard together. She was excited. Her boyfriend, Joe, was even more inlined because he has culinary intuition...  

Dina, alas, does not.

So, I chose a nice grain mustard... with malt vinegar....

Whole yellow and brown mustard seeds, crushed garlic and malt vinegar are the start

Whole yellow and brown mustard seeds soaking in malt vinegar with garlic for 48+ hours

No project is complete without proper hydration: here a fresh lilikoi cosmopolitan 

The completed mustard after it has been pureed with honey, salt and turmeric

A meal consisting of the home-made mustard with sliced deli meats

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