Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Tid Bits

Here are a few snippets of things I have come across and caught with my camera this month.

As of the 2nd of September I have my friend coming to visit for a week so of course we two shall be cruising around the island and I hope to bring you some new and exciting images from our travels and ventures around the island.

In a week, next Thursday I'll be attending a very special event which will be the conclusion to an event in my life that I have previously shared with you. I'm going to leave it at that, and keep you hanging. I know, I'm being mean....

One morning I went outside to water my plants because it had not rained during the night as is quite common where I live during the summer months, and look who I found nestled comfortably amongst the aloe vera...

The girl in The Frog Prince must have been very farsighted to have actually have kissed a frog. I don't know about you, but my lips wouldn't have come anywhere near this creature - royalty or not!

Blossoms on the starfruit tree

This was taken this past Saturday in Honolulu. I spent the day on Oahu to attend the Made in Hawaii festival. My friend and neighbor, Gary, and I arrived early and wandered around before the event opened. We came across this and made several assumptions based on the look of the place: the name, the lack of windows (or single very small one in the duck's face), the heavily armored door, a lack of menu, hours of operation... hmmm, I don't think they're singing karaoke here...

If we weren't booked and departing on a 6:30 flight back to Maui I would have eaten here in a heartbeat! Love the graphic and the font too!

One of Nature's unexpected gifts...
An eucalyptus leaf caught in the silken thread of a shredded spider web

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