Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lo-goin' Nuts! Maybe YOU Can Help?!


Lately I have been a spinning top behind the scenes here at 26 Poko Way. It has finally become a realization that the small business venture of producing reversible pre-washed children's bucket hats has the grand possibility of becoming a viable business. 

I have branched out to include women's and men's hats as well, and 5 styles of baby blankets, a reversible bib and I am working on a prototype for burp cloths.

I have a dedicated swing tag that is attached to the individual products, but it's time that I  seriously consider a label to be sewn onto each piece.

The brand "The Mad Hatter of Maui" for me, is just way to long to put on a label (hey, I have to contend with Hordyszynski) so I have been toying with a logo-style image that is more symbolic than written wording.

Following I have posted samples of what I have been working on. I am presenting these to you, the readers, because you represent my customer and I would like to know what you're reacting to: what you find interesting in design, color, graphic layout, etc. Each is numbered and I would ask that you vote for your favorite, and if you feel inclined, to leave a comment about why you like it and/or (possibly) what could be better OR what you think could also work. It's not a contest - I am asking for your honest and valued input. Please select one and register your answer at right.











  1. My fave is #3. Looks very Hawaiian.

  2. Hi, Mark: I have looked at these several times now over a couple of days and think that # 7 is my favourite - it's so clever the way the words form the hat. # 1 is my second choice. Unlike the previous comments, I find the "M" in #'s 2 and 3 to look menacing somehow...?
    Good luck with the new venture. Can't wait to see the hats!

  3. I like # 1 and # 7

  4. Aloha! I like #1 and #7 also