Monday, October 27, 2014

Trimming Time is Here!

First there is cutting: pinning the pattern pieces to the flat folded fabric and cutting the pieces. 4 layers of printed fabric and 4 layers of corduroy. Next the pinning of the cut pieces together into like pairs: crown and brim. Sew. Unpin and then pin the top of hat to crown. Sew. Unpin. Sew decorative top-stitching to the crown. Pin the finished crown to the brim. Sew. Unpin.

Ahhhh, done....

Not quite.

Match finished inside and outside hat parts and splice (baste) them together. Sew the inside and outside together.

Wash the hats, dry, and then finally trim.

Dozen upon dozen of hats that have been cut, pinned and sewn end up washed and awaiting trimming.

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