Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday 7

It's Saturday afternoon, and I'm taking it off, so to speak.Trying out a few new techniques to see how my thoughts on preparing a piece for "Art of Trash" this coming Saturday. Going to have another round with the downstairs storage room to get things further organized.

I was up early and in town to buy dry ice for the cooler to bring Hau'oki Mai Tai Sorbet to the Maui Ag Fest at 9:00.

Being an agriculture show, the spotlight is on cooking and food related venues.

 “Maui Food Product to Market Contest” is looking for a new locally made food product that utilizes the most amount of locally grown products. Submissions must have commercial viability and Maui Food Technology Center (MFTC) will help that local entrepreneur take the product from idea to the store shelf."

I've been making ice cream and sorbets for over a year now, and flavor combinations of my own creation, and I thought I would do what know best... so I created a Hau'oki* Mai Tai Sorbet. *Hau'oki is Hawaiian for frost, ice, cold.

I massed the ingredients for my concoction together.

I was very confident in what I had masterminded. The shade the sorbet finished after churning wasn't the color I was expecting, and the flavor could have been richer, with more intensity, yet it was enough to win me Second Place.

• 2nd place – Receive two hours of free consultation with Food Scientist and two free nutritional labels.

The finished product

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