Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When One of Those Days...

...turns into one of those weeks, you just want to throw your arms up in the air and cry uncle!

A chipped serving platter, a broken glass, dropped and smashed an empty jar with jagged little shards of broken glass everywhere, a shelf fell down after I put something on it, turned around and walked into a wall as if it had surreptitiously moved a few inches in the night and repositioned itself in the interior of the house, a stain on my new Ulupalakua Ranch sweatshirt...

At first I laughed at the misfortunes... now I'm into spitting out expletives. I think it might be the approach of the full moon in a few days... I HOPE it's the full moon! Just as long as I don't find myself down on all fours, head raised to the night sky, baying at the luminous orb shining down Friday PM.

Saturday is the Maui Ag Fest and I'm entering the one competition open to non-professionals. A food competition, of course. Don't want to talk about it too much beforehand as in the current state of affairs, I don't want to put a kibosh on it but I'll certainly do a photo-journal to post on Sunday.

That's it for now. Just checking in. A hui hou! 

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