Thursday, July 12, 2012

Honu 'Akala

Pink Sea Turtle.

Sue, of The Needlework Factory, and I discussed sewing the animals on the Aminal Crackers: Water Babies disc in different colors, primaries and pastels.

We never proceeded with the samples but the idea has remained with me. I needed a gift and decided to have the sea turtle sewn out in pinks on a pink/coral tie-dyed t-shirt.

Here are pics of the embroidery in the hoop, on the machine stitching out. There are about 34,000 stitches in the finished embroidery and each takes about 20 minutes to complete.

The foundation of the embroidery, the lightest color, is sewn out first, followed by the second lightest color which becomes the scales and shell

More detail is added with the second darkest color, which is primarily detail on the head

The darkest color is the outline which defines the final embroidery

The eye is sewn in with black, and the finished design on the tie-dyed t-shirt

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