Friday, July 6, 2012

Paella for Pop, Marsala for Mom

  For Mother's Day and Father's Day...

Seafood Paella with Chicken and Sweet Italian Sausage
 Paella: Cooking on the BBQ the way it's supposed to be done

Awaiting a hungry audience

Here's the recipe I followed for both Christmas dinner and above: Paella recipe from (Note: things were changed to my liking, and as were available.
 A pan full of sliced mushrooms

 Mushrooms sauteing

 Cooked mushrooms

 Pounded chicken breasts sauteing in brown butter

 Mushrooms returned to the pan after the chicken has cooked, reducing in marsala and white wine, sherry and chicken stock

Chicken returned to the pan to reheat, and finished with a drizzle of half and half

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