Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm So Excited!

I could BURST!

I am always excited when my designs are realized on fabric and the thrill of seeing them on running yardage post production is simply incredible (we work with a design in repeat and with small fabric test swatches until the production is printed) but it has been a long time since I have felt the ultimate elation of having a new group be so awesome that I can't help myself in holding back until it is released.

I feel this way about my new group BEADWORK.

It was a labor of love. First I created a single bead in Photoshop (this one is a bit fuzzy because I had to blow it up and compromised the resolution in the process).

To make sure that I would be able to print a realistic bead, I first had to confirm with the  mill that I could do so. Next it was important that the bead be as close to a lifelike size - about a quarter of an inch - and this was also confirmed. So armed with the confidence that my idea was possible, I began the design process.

The original bead was recolored in as many colors as I needed to create the pattern. After I had my beads, I began "beading" on the virtual canvas. It was a simple process in theory. Copy the beads as many times as needed and then move them into place. After starting the beading process of the main design from the center of the design out, I calculated I needed 18 beads per square inch. I estimated I was going to end up with a pattern measuring 12" x 27". After doing the math, I thought I might hit myself in the head: 12 x 27 = 324 square inches times 18 beads per square inch = 5,832 beads.

OMG! What had I gotten myself into? Two weeks later I found out.

This.... the computer generated art.

And here is a portion of the design on fabric along with the other two colors we are running.



The full collection consisting of five patterns based on the beadwork of the Huichol Indians will debut at the spring International Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon in May.


  1. Hi Mark,
    Danette shared with me (your avid Quilter fan) - and I am in awe. Your eyes must have gone crazy designing this.....But this is AWESOME!!!

    Are you designing a quilt to go with it too?



  2. This is incredible! It would be amazing in a pieced or even whole cloth quilt combined with a textured cream (raw silk?) reminiscent of a Navajo rug.