Thursday, February 28, 2013

Office Buds

Times have changed and I find myself keeping different company.

Years ago (many, many years ago) I worked in offices in various industries and one of the major perks was being in a social environment with my co-workers making up the majority of my daytime - and after hours - friends.

These days I maintain my own office space, a part of my living space that usually has very blurred boundaries. I have have gotten used to working in solitary confinement without the peripheral annoyances of idle chatter, phones ringing, constant interruptions, sharing space, sharing colds, coughs and sneezes.

Well, until a couple of days ago that is what I thought.

I discovered I was... not... alone.....

Unfortunately he doesn't do much except run around skittishly and often spooks me with sudden movement  out of the corner of my eye and of papers rustling when I least expect it.

They say, "You can choose your friends..." I'm beginning to wonder if that is true.

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