Saturday, February 16, 2013

Not Sure What It Is... Yet

The following was a result of having finished piecing together the top for a quilt I am making for my sister as a belated Christmas and house warming gift. I used the 5 new colors of Siren Song in the design of her quilt. As usual, as I work things are tossed quickly aside and the fabrics were haphazardly layered upon themselves to reveal an ombred rainbow that had been created.

The 5 colors are fussy cut to get the placement where I wanted them to be. I sewed them in this rotation (bottom to top: Wave, Grass, Citrus, Sunset and Twilight)  because what I immediately saw was a Hawaiian sunset... Since the Siren Song stripe runs across or horizontal on the fabric, it can only end up being a maximum 42"- 43" wide, so it's rather small. I'm not sure how this is going to end up being finished but I thought this was a wonderfully simple way of using the new colors.

After I receive fabric for these 5 colors, I'll put together a tutorial on how to construct a small Rainbow Throw similar to the pieced fabric shown. Until then Aloha No Ka Oi!

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