Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Blog Post Without Pictures is Like...

...just a lot of words.

Interesting how our memory is a remarkable and sometimes very deceiving thing. I do find myself saying every so often, "My memory of it is..."

Accurate? Inaccurate? Skewed? Misleading?... Completely off the mark?

So, my camera is down for the moment. The battery is kaput! I remember recharging the battery. Here, in the house in Haiku. I remember walking around looking for an available outlet to plug in the charger (most of the outlets in my office have multiple electronic connected to the power sources looking like a wire and cabled tangle of Medusa curls.) I remember checking periodically to see if the orange charging indicator light has changed to green. I remember removing the unit from the wall after the battery was fully charged and walking back to the office with both and then I'm not sure.

So, now it's this past Monday. Wanting to desperately take photos of the quilt I have completed for my sister. Camera in hand, flick on the power switch... prompt on the LED screen: Change the Battery Pack.

Okay, recharge battery. Simple enough.

Go to get the charger - long story short... spend 2 days shuffling through, touching, moving and rearranging almost every article in my office I can't find it (and I am usually very good about replacing the charger back in the camera bag.) Most likely I was so intent on getting the battery back into the camera to take an imminent photo I mindlessly put the charger down and ran to snap my pic.

So after day 2 of going through everything AGAIN a thought hits me - I pick up the phone and call mom. Are you on a cordless phone? Yes. Can you please go downstairs to the den? I'm downstairs. Okay, go to the far corner of the room and next to the entertainment center is there a small, grey thing... Oh, yes, I can see it here. Funny, I was going to hang a picture in that corner today but I don't know if I would have noticed it.

So, I am awaiting the arrival of the charger to arrive Priority Flat Rate mail. After that, then, with fully charged battery and camera in hand, my arm will be complete!

Until then, I'll direct you to other posts:

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Point. Focus. Click.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Aloha Emma,

From Maui with Love,

Uncle Mark

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