Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not Every Day is Christmas

But some days surly feel like it!

Last week I received two packages in two days. Both were expected but one contained a very unexpected surprise.

Saturday's package was from an online culinary stored called My Spice Sage. I've ordered from them previously because 1). I wanted to make homemade mustard and needed to purchase yellow and brown mustard seeds in bulk and 2). they ship FREE to Hawaii with a minimum purchase! Not many companies do that!!!. So, after making several batches of mustard I yet again needed the yellow mustard seeds (I use mustard often but one recipe doesn't yield very much - perhaps 2 cups, if I'm lucky, and I like to share!) Once on the site, I started clicking away.

I ordered: yellow mustard seeds, yellow cheddar cheese powder colored with beta carotene, dried tomato powder (which I have used before and LOVE) and with my purchase I was allowed to chose a free spice which for me was Hibiscus (yes, in the flower) powder and as an added bonus they gifted four heads of fermented American black garlic.

Whole Grain Spaghetti with White Clam Sauce made with the black garlic.

Friday's package was no less incredible. This contained the unexpected surprise.

I've been invited to be a designer in this year's Art of Trash Trashion show. So I have had friends sending me things that could be used in wearable trash garments.

I have also become addicted /obsessed / consumed with Downton Abbey and had mentioned to my dear fiend Marinda (also a Downton-aphile and Michael Miller Fabric's quilt designer extraordinaire) that after watching the episodes over and over, how nice (and civilized) it would be to sit down and have a cup of tea. Having said that meant I'd need to get myself a tea set. I already have a small tea pot but it wasn't something that I would immediately act upon because I couldn't just have any old tea set. I would have to shop around and find very special and unique pieces.

But Marinda did act.

The tea cups and the platter were made by a friend of hers, now since gone, sometime in the mid-century. The impression of the leaves were endemic to the location where Alberta, the potter, resided. It's mismatched and so eclectic that it is very much my style. Thanks Marinda!!

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