Saturday, January 21, 2012


This week, the third week of January and 2012, proved to be a very productive one with versital results.

Went to the Dr. to check out the tick bite. I was told that he couldn't really diagnose or confirm a tick bite four days after it happened and with the area scabbed over, but he said he trusted my instincts and educated opinion based on the info I gleened off of the Web; it was healing nicely, so obviously my body was taking care of it on its own... Therefore he wanted to let it take its natural course (no probing the wound to see if indeed the tick head was still lodged in my inner thigh). Luckily Lyme disease doesn't exist here on Maui BUT there is a bacterial fever that could arise within 3 weeks of the bite... so I'm on my guard for any of the symptoms which are very alike Lyme disease.

When I lived in Pukalani I tried growing nasturtiums to no avail. They were infested with a small bug that attacked the newly sprouting leaves and the buds of the flowers. Being one of my favorite flowers, liking them for their citrusy blaze of color and their culinary attributes, I was not daunted in my attempt to try and grown them here in Haiku... well, they love it here and both varieties - the crawling or vines and the bushy, vareigated leaf - are doing very well. This past week I was gifted with an abundance of gloriously colored flowers. How many could I eat in my salads? Not as many as I thought... so I hopped online and found a wonderful recipe for a compund butter of chopped nastrutium flowers, fresh lemon juice and zest mixed into creamy sweet butter. The flavored butter log now sits in the freezer awaiting some lucky grilled chicken breast, Maui Cattle Co. steak or fresh catch of the day.

I complete a new design for my favorite holiday - Halloween - and it's signed, sealed and on its way to being delivered to the NYO. It's a complete panel project, and if it workes out to my expectations, I might have just yet again set precidence for a standard in the industry. We also finalized my collection - Paradize Cove - for February release. It has mermaids, dolphins, flamingos, a multi-colored stripe which reminds me of an electronic synthesized polygraph-like image called Siren Song, scallop shells, a floral and palm trees. We're all very happy with the results...

Finally got the 300+ CD collection (32 CDs per container and I have a total of 12 - you do the math, LOL - and I need more...) assorted and put away in the storage containers I recently purcahsed. This created a bit of a mess, and I'm glad to be moving on so I can start to get the house organized for Dana's trip in mid-February (we're at T minus 3 weeks).

Of course, I'll churn a batch of ice cream for her visit... don't tell her but I've decided to take liberty with her request for Chocolate Chip Mint (Chocolate Mochi-Chocolate Chip Wasabi-Fresh Mint)... should be yummy - haven't gone wrong yet - except there's been requests for no more Kim Chee-Chocolate Stout-Banana Bread Ice Cream - mostly I think the name turns people off...

Friday night I treated myself like a human being with a life and took myself out to dinner and a concert. Tried Saigon Cafe - Vietnamese food. They call it a Maui gem - I think the place came into being when the island was formed - stepping through the door is like stepping through a portal back in time. The place is complete with Formica table tops, gruff, surly waiter - attentive yet aloof - and fantastic food. I'll definitely go again.

After that it was to the MACC for an outdoor concert - HAPA by Moonlight. Of course (and I say of course because I was hoping they'd play my favorite song, which brings tears to my eyes for the intensity of the music alone ) they opened with it, and they played my sister Dana's favorite - so it was a great evening. I've vowed to do one event per month. February is Keali'i Reichel - and nothing on the roster thus far until May when they have the Maui Brewing Festival... I'll get my lone ticket as soon as they release them this month.

Today I have promised myself to sit and proof SHAG and get the corrections to the publisher and see where that leads me in the process of redoing the book block and reprinting of the novel. I've a hankering to do some more writing - I haven't done any in a while and it's interesting - at least for me - how this stuff kind of builds up... I feel like I need a good emotional release and spewing of frustration - let's kill someone in one of the collection of short horror stories I'm working on and get it all out of my system, LOL.

I plan on starting a new group this coming week. More cleaning and organizing. I've managed to keep the office under control for 3 weeks now and I feel like I can keep the dicipline up... it is easier with up keep than with letting it go and cleaning a huge mess...

Thus far...

Oh yeah, and I bought a dwarf Buddah's Hand citrus tree.

This is a photo of a Buddha's hand fruit taken from the web. I am using it to show the fruit my tree should bear.

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