Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Start of a Brand New Year or If the Mayan Prophesy is True, Then I Only Have 355 Days Left

Christmas Dinner: Paella

Looking in

Looking in (closer)

Sewing area

Seated at my desk, looking left

Seated at my desk, looking out
(jelly bean on screen being cleaned up for the Halloween Candy Quilt Panel)

Exhausted from yet another day (day #5) of reorganizing and restructuring my office/studio but the work is well worth it. And I'm running into town to SPEND MONEY!!! New storage for files and CDs (I have over 300 titles), supplies, etc. and visiting Home Depot to buy wood and screws and glue to make shelving and structural thingies for supports to use as my desk and work surfaces. So I'm taking a break and thought I'd write to catch everyone up as best I can.

A little back story:

So, I thought I'd branch out and start some manufacturing for the local shops here on the island, to add to the shop I am already established in on the Big Island: Trudy's Island Arts.

The beginning of December saw to the end of almost 3 weeks of mass producing pillow cases, hats and baby blankets, with a few extra thrown in for inventory and presents for the holidays.

Two weeks before Christmas things started winding down. Preparations for my holiday party began (as Keri insisted I had to celebrate my birthday) so cleaning the house and food prep began. Pulled a muscle in my back which added an inconvenience not a deterrent, and my turning 48 (the Year of the Rabbit) turned out to be a lovely one. Food was fantastic and dessert was Dark Chocolate-Hawaiian Chili Pepper Ice Cream. Apparently, according to those who have had my frozen treats before, this was my best, but requests were not to make the Kim Chee-Chocolate Stout Banana Bread Ice Cream ever again... although the accompanying Miso-Butterscotch Sauce was awesome!

I made paella for the first time for Christmas dinner for my friend Keri and her husband Lloyd. It came out great. I was impressed myself for not having done it before but knowing what to do, and nothing was overcooked or anything. Only negative was I didn't get the toast crust on the bottom of the pan that is a requirement for perfect paella.

NYE was spent blissfully alone. Made pizzas, watched DVDs and drank three bottles of champagne. The next day, the 1st, I wished I was dead. Even my hair hurt.

Then, the 2nd started the office "move". And now it's the 7th... spending the weekend finishing up as much as possible before Monday. Then the coming week is work... start taxes, reread Shag and submit corrections for review, follow up on contacts made at Quilt Market, contact a few more retailers to get product out there, start working on the Gingerbread House Quilt pattern for release at the end of the month, start designing the Haunted Halloween Candy House quilt based on the gingerbread concept, start new designs, and (hopefully) approve the designs on fabric which are on their way to me for release end-February.

I'll spend one more day on organizing stuff but then I MUST get back to work and see if the new office configuration works as good in reality as it did on paper....

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