Sunday, January 29, 2012

01/29/12; CNY; Saturday Dinner; Sweet Potato


I hope everyone had a great last week of the first month of the new year!

Why you would chose to come back and participate in the recounting of my life of the last 7 days is a wonder to me - maybe I am entertaining or have something interesting to say. As I mentioned before in a previous post, I am doing this mainly to have a journal of my accomplishments of the week prior to writing this post. I need to... I HAVE to - because I get involved in my life, and sometimes - okay, many times - can't remember what it was I did on a particular day only a few fleeting hours ago.

I finished the Gingerbread House Quilt and Doll pattern based on my Gingerbreadtown collection for Michael Miller Fabrics. I'll post everything shortly - once it is a fait accompli - and have released it all to the public... I'm not teasing! I promise... there's just too much to post all at once.

I finished another round of corrections on my novel SHAG - a task which I thought was finalized 3 years ago but alas, things are never completely done. Once I have confirmation that the book is corrected, I'll post info about it. SHAG shall live again!

Also, as you are aware, I started blogging again. It's something I think is a great outlet for someone like me, who doesn't have the time to separate himself from time and space and enter the realm of a fictional world on a regular basis - and let me tell you - reality is scarier than any fiction I could ever come up with!

Most everything that I am depicting pictorially happened in the last few days. Yesterday I went to the Chinese New Year celebration in Kahului - mulled around for a while, bought a few sweets for dessert, and completed my weekly run into town.

There's always someone hidden under that sheepskin!

My "Koi with Lotus and Waves" design made into a small laptop quilt. I like it paired with the red!

Lions, and lions, and dragons, oh my!

Doesn't it look as if he's sizing her up for a meal?

I'm cleaning the house to within an inch of its life in preparation of my sister's visit... cooked a lovely meal for myself (a weekly reward) and watched PSYCHO - geez! I'd forgotten how incredible the movie is and hope more filmmakers chose to do their pieces in black and white - it add such a harsh brutality when there's just black, white, and as many shades of grey that light can create!

Charcoal-grilled Wild Scallops wrapped in Black Forest Bacon with a Cardamon-Fresh Ginger infused Soy and Balsamic Vinegar reduction

Grilled Tofu with Soy-Sesame-Scallion Sauce (I'm getting my grillin' down! Look at those gorgeous grill marks!)

My last thought for today is: do you or did you have any idea that a sweet potato flowers? I didn't until this morning... before I left for quilt market in October I stuck a sweet potato in some dirt outside as opposed to chucking it in the trash bin. Upon my return it had sprouted... and today - it bloomed!

Sweet potato blossom

I'm going to post mid-week as well. These posts will be bits and pieces of things that have transpired over the last year to hopefully, in a few months, get this blog and all of you (myself included) up to date!



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