Friday, February 17, 2012

APOTHESCARY Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Collection

An ongoing challenge that has been presented to me is to fill a void in the market for boy themed prints. Naturally it came to me that most boys somehow end up with a chemistry set or other such present as a gift. So when considering a new halloween group - a category that I could design all year long - I thought it would be fun to do a Mad Scientist-based group for all of the aspiring doctors, nurses, medical technologies and pharmacist boys and girls (and men and women) in your life.

As you will notice when reviewing the prints, I have purposely designed the group 1). to appeal to both a younger and older audience (the latter being a definite asset since most halloween prints currently in the market are geared to juveniles and this group definitely has an adult appeal), 2). for both boys and girls of all ages and 3). most of the prints transcend a strictly halloween genre. For example, the Apothescary print is a year round laboratory print, as is the Spooky Spots. The Lightning Stripe and Hocus Pocus can be blended into a wizard or dungeons and dragons group. I see it that it is my job to provide you with the most versatile designs possible, allow you to be creatively inspired and let your imagination run wild....!

;) P.S. The design numbers designated DG and Glow, Glow-In-The-Dark! How cool is that?

Halloween Collection by Mark Hordyszynski for Michael Miller Fabrics
Apothescary (DC5277-Black)

The Dr. Is In (DC5251-Green)

Spotted Spooks (DG5245-Glow)

Boo! (DG5256-Glow) Boo! (DC5256-Pumpkin)

Bottles (DC5253-Black)

Lightning Stripe (DC5252-Pumpkin)

Spooky Spots (DC5252-Dalmation) Spooky Spots (DC5252-Kiwi)

Spooky Spots (DC5252-Kryptonite) Spooky Spots (DC5252-Kiwi)

Spooky Spots (DC5252-Pumpkin) Spooky Spots (DC5252-White)

Hocus Pocus (DG5257-Glow)

My aspirations for this group are quite high... at the 2011 Fall International Quilt Market in Houston this past October, the Michael Miller sales reps were writing orders on this group almost one year to date in advance as the last day of the show was Halloween. I hope you're as excited about these designs as I am!

In addition to the designs on fabric as seen above, I have a license for Machine Embroidery Collections with THE NEEDLEWORK FACTORY and the Apothescary bottles are available as a Full Collection on a disc, or as Individual Bottle Design Kits. Please refer to the right sidebar for a direct link to the page.

The main outline of the bottle is stitched out on the background fabric. Then the contents of the bottle are placed within the stitched lines, followed by a piece of clear plastic overlaid on top of the embellishments. Lastly, the satin stitch outlines of the bottle sew over the first stitched outline, embroidering the plastic to the background fabric. The buttons, provided by Just Another Button Company, are glued down. The glitter and confetti is loose and moves around the stationery buttons when turned, shaken or rattled. They are very clever, very unique!

Here the Apothescary embroideries are stitched out on a white lab coat as shown for the 2011 Fall International Quilt Market in Houston.

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  1. Now THAT is cool fabric. What a clever idea, the way you did those embroideries with the clear plastic!