Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Water Babies

Sea Lions, and Turtles, and Whales (and Dolphins...) Oh, My!

One of my best selling prints, the baby sea turtle (or honu in Hawai'an) Surf's Up!, was reintroduced by Michael Miller Fabrics a couple of years ago as a part of their 10th year Anniversary celebration. It's still going strong, and we decided to make a group of it by adding a few more designs in an aquatic and endangered species theme. The latest addition to the seal pups, sea turtles, and humpback whales is Dolphin Babies. This is a sneak peak of this print and it will start to be shown by the Michael Miller sales reps the beginning of next month. I hope you like Dolphin Babies as much as I do! 

Seal Pups (DC5001-Ocean)

Surf's Up! (DC2019-Aqua)

A Whale of a Tale (DC4958-Ocean)

Dolphin Babies (DC5449-Seafoam)

In addition, a dolphin, seal pup and sea turtle figure is available as a machine embroidery through The Needlework Factory. The three images, along with a penguin, iguana, walrus and harp seal are all on the WATER BABIES disc. They will also be available as an individual download. Please check back SOON!

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