Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dancing with the Stars - Tango Red

2009 Community Art Making Challenge - PRIMARILY RED - at the Hou No'eau Visual Arts Center, Maui.

The parameters of the challenge were simple: "This themed juried exhibition in which artists are asked to create works based on the word "red". Artists are asked to interpret red literally, figuratively, financially, emotionally, spiritually, chromatically, politically and socially, etc. in all its various forms and create work based on that interpretation."

Here is my submission: Dancing with the Stars - Tango Red, due date tomorrow. It is an original fiber arts piece and measures approximately 14" x 18". The background (Alice Toile - from my Wonderland collection) is quilted, with hand-knit coral branches, chopped fabric-and-thread "sand", and seed bead encrusted dimensional starfish. They are asking that the piece be put up for sale, a fifty/fifty split the arts center/artist. The going rate for a quilt is $100.00/square foot. My asking price is $225.00.

Any takers?

If the piece is chosen, it will be one of 60 on display from Oct. 04 - Nov. 14. If not, I'll have it back in my hot little hands on Monday.

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