Monday, September 28, 2009

A mistake and a lesson learned

I learned a very important lesson regarding the Art world - basically if it is presented as Art, then it must be Art.

I have mastered the necessity of presentation to try and give me an edge over the competition - to send a resume or note in a classy envelope. To send a package wrapped to make an impression - tissue paper, ribbon, eye catching box. And when I send an item, it is understood to be what it is - noting more and nothing less.

As my previous post discusses, I packaged my submission for PRIMARY RED in a pizza box. I dropped it off at the Hui, leaving it in the box, ASSUMING that the box and tissue were understood to be wrappings - protective material for the submission.

I was wrong -- I should have unpacked the submission and taken the box with me. Obviously from the point of view when perceiving art - my piece was not removed from the box, the packaging considered to be a part of the work.

No one had to tell me this -- I knew it immediately upon entering the room the retrieve my piece, as it was not selected for the exhibit. It sat on a table, nestle in the box, the tissue obviously untouched and my mistake was glaringly obvious to me at that moment.

I have learned a valuable lesson: if IT is presented as such or if I as the artist say IT is so, then whatever IT is must be considered art. It is a very powerful concept - I can place dog crap on a plate and call it art and it will be recognized and respected as art. If I take the same plate with dog crap on it and now call it food - no one in their right mind would accept it.

Interesting how a word can blur peoples' perception.... I shall have to ponder this further...

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