Friday, September 25, 2009

September 25th deadlines met

Yesterday I confirmed with the online USPS tracking that my entry for the Simplicity Wrights challenge was delivered.

Today I packed up and delivered the piece for PRIMARY RED at the Hui.

I figured I should pack the piece in a box for transportation. Luckily I am lazy and hadn't taken any of the corrugated cardboard to the recycle center, so I had a few boxes to chose from. It came down to a choice between a used USPS shipping box, or a clean pizza box.

Naturally the pizza box was an appropriate size for my needs.

When I arrived at the Hui to register my submission, there was a lot of attention as I walked in like a pizza delivery guy. There was confusion... had anyone ordered a pizza? Of course I was questioned if that was a pizza or my submission. My reply was, "Whole wheat crust, no red sauce." I obtained a chorus of chuckles.

So another delivery is done.

I am finishing up the quilt for market and will preview that in the next few days.


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