Saturday, September 26, 2009

Neptune's Garden - the studio version...

A first glimpse of my garden under the sea...
So, in its realized form, this is the quilt that started the whole theme that transmuted into two other pieces: Neptune's Garden II and Dancing with the Stars - Tango Red.

This quilt will be on display in the Blank Quilting booth in Houston, Oct. 10 - 12. I'll take more pictures from onsite and post them so you can see it hanging in the trade show environment -

I played with the exposure and sharpness of the images to make the details really pop, and even without doing so, the shine of the Rock Candy is wonderfully apparent.

All of the techniques used, although not new, are mine... and I am hoping to generate some interest in my work, and in the possibility of exploring these methods further in the development of a book.

We shall see...

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