Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BEADWORK by... ME! Quilt Market Debut Preview

A while back I published a post previewing my BEADWORK collection that is to debut at the Spring International Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon. Well that happens this week. You can read that post here: I'm So Excited!

Following are thumbnail images of the full collection shown in their color stories, and preceding those, are quilts and handbags that were designed using the collection.

First is probably the most brilliant quilt design I have ever encountered. It is constructed using ONLY 14 seams! Designed by my dear friend, mentor and cohort, Marinda Stewart, she said that she wanted to pay tribute to the fabric itself, showcasing the fact that I had spent almost 2 weeks and 5500 carefully placed beads by hand (in Photoshop) to create the focal print (center vertical band). The strips are fussy cut so they line up perfectly and are in a specific color placement and rotation.
This quilt, called Beaded Mosaic, will be available as a free download 
on the Michael Miller Fabrics website.

And these are the same quilt in each of the 3 color combinations available.

This quilt, designed by the very talented artists of Quiltwoman.com created what I call a mashup of the three color stories creating a beautifully intricate and perfectly balanced quilt in its chaotic blend of patterns and color. This is, as I understand, a Bargello quilt (where one sews strips of fabric together and then cuts the pieced cloth into strips and off-sets them as they are resewn together to form the quilt top).

I created these little clutch purses from an online pattern and revised it to be used with the lighter weight quilting cotton and these are super cute when lined with MMF's

In a week or two I'll post a tutorial on how to make these fun accessories. Once you get the hang of 'em, you can make one from start to finish in about 40 minutes and make sure you have extra frames on hand as they are addictive to make!

DC5782 Primitive - Multi
(Shown selvage to selvage)

DC5783 Peyote Flower - Multi

DC5784 Blanket Chevron - Multi

DC5785 Beaded Colorband - Multi

DC5786 Diamondback - Flame, Emerald, Sunshine

DC5782 Primitive - Earth

DC5783 Peyote Flower - Earth

DC5784 Blanket Chevron - Earth

DC5785 Beaded Colorband  - Earth

DC5786 Diamondback - Gray, Maize

DC5786 Diamondback - Sienna, Adobe


DC5782 Primitive - Jewel

DC5783 Peyote Flower - Jewel

DC5784 Blanket Chevron - Jewel

DC5785 Beaded Colorband - Jewel

DC5786 Diamondback - Mineral, Turquoise, Amethyst


  1. This line is so unique and the clutches are fantastic. I reposted them to Instagram and people are going gaga over them.

    We can't wait for the tutorial.

  2. Hiya, do you happen to have any of the fabric Beaded Colorband - Multi left over from your projects? I am desperate to get hold of some and can't find it anywhere! Thank you.