Saturday, May 4, 2013

MBD Blog Hop Week #2

Linda Solovic
Mirror Ball Dot Enthusiast #2
from St. Louis, Missouri

About a year ago I "found" Linda when I did a Google search of Mirror Ball Dot.
She obviously was already a dedicated enthusiast since she had discovered MBD when it was initially released. I was very taken by her use of the product, in conjunction with her original designs for needlework and embellishment.

For me, Linda has a very appealing style: evoking a modern interpretation by using a minimalist approach and a graphic sensibility with an almost childlike simplicity. Her work is fun, fresh and will definitely inspire creativity and hopefully introduce you to a new way of using Mirror Ball Dot, Cotton Couture and fabric in general.

I also like Linda's choice of colors. They are a harmonious palette that is calming, soothing and easily understandable. I wish I could do a spoiler teaser but that would be unfair.

So without further ado (and taunting you unfairly) I present the link to 

Psst! If you check today she just might give you a peek at what's she's going to do! Do I know something? Maybe. ;)

And don't forget to check out Jamie Muller's blog to find out who is the lucky recipient for her random drawing of the Mirror Ball Dot color card and and 5 Fat Quarters of MBD fabric in the winner's choice of colors.

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