Saturday, May 18, 2013

Week #4: Elisa Albury

Elisa and I met as I had most all of the bloggers on the hop - via the internet. I found her and was enamored with her quilt "Charlie's Wobot" (Lucky Charlie!) But, due to some fumbling while typing on my part, we had a bit of fun getting to know one another.

 I kept wanting to (and did) change the "l" in her in her last name to an "s". At one point I suggested that she should just change her last name to please me - that would easily solve the dilemma ;)

So Elisa constantly yet gently brought the misspelling to my attention (Again with the elisa Asbury. Tsk tsk. ALbury) and I would have to continually apologize. In my defense I believe it's innate in me - can you imagine after all these years the variations on Hordyszynski I have gotten? Like playing scrabble!

Then we had a bit of fun with her first name - "I'm assuming your name is pronounced like in My Fair Lady - or (E) Liza with a Z..."

Her reply: "Funny you should say mom says I was named after Eliza in My Fair Lady. So, hence, the E is soft like in Elizabeth (with the sound of A or "Uh" rather than "ee"). Although they pronounce it (Ey-lisa). .

So, I have it right now... 

Mirror Ball Blog Hop Blogger #4
Elisa Asbury Albury
Salt Lake City, Utah

May 19:   Elisa Albury -

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